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1. Please look at the Troubleshooting Page. It includes solutions for various issues.

2. If the issue is not solved, follow these steps:

  •  Run the following command to collect information and send it to us over a secure channel: ​

    • Linux: open-appsec-ctl --info --upload

    • Docker: docker exec -it <OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> open-appsec-ctl --info --upload

    • Kubernetes: kubectl exec -it <OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_POD_NAME> -n <OPEN-APPSEC_DEPLOYMENT_NAMESPACE> --container=<OPEN-APPSEC_AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> -- open-appsec-ctl --info --upload

  • Fill the form below. In the Message section describe the problem and include the Reference Id provided by the command above.

Thanks for submitting!

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