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Become a recognized expert in open-source ML-based App and API Security and take part in building open-appsec growing user community.

✯ Communicate and get to know AppSec and DevOps people in your community

✯ Engage with open-appsec R&D team and other peers around the world. 

✯ Influence the roadmap, deploy and use new capabilities before anyone else.

✯ Organize quarterly live meet-ups to spread the word in your community.

✯ Be the voice of your community and collect feedbacks for improvement.

✯ Write blogs to share your knowledge and we will publish them on our website.

✯ Your name will be listed in open-appsec website and you can mention it in your LinkedIn

✯ Get Amazon vouchers, Giveaways, and other great surprises!

Please contact us if you would like to apply or learn more.

Join open-appsec
Ambassador Program

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