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Top 10 Bot Detection Tools for 2024

Top 10 Bot Detection Tools for 2024

You’ve probably noticed good bots on popular websites like Reddit. They act like moderators for the forums, providing a helpful service that would be impossible for a human on such an enormous scale. 

But not all bots are friendly digital assistants. From January 2023 to June 2023, bots accounted for almost 50% of all internet traffic, and 30% were bad bots. Their mission is to fly under the radar, steal data, and launch malicious cyber attacks like account takeover and DDoS. 

Thankfully, these ten tools ensure that the days of evading detection are over for bad bots. 

What is Bot Detection?

Bot detection is the process of identifying beneficial and harmful automated bots that interact with websites or applications. 

Beneficial bots, like those for search engine indexing or site performance monitoring, serve helpful purposes. In contrast, harmful bots can engage in malicious activities like data theft, DDoS attacks, or fraud.

Bot detection tools are crucial for identifying and mitigating these negative impacts. They employ various strategies, including traffic pattern analysis, behavior anomaly detection, and interactive challenges like CAPTCHAs to distinguish and block detrimental bots.

Good Bots Vs Bad Bots

Types of Bot Detection Tools

  • Rule-Based Measures: Use pre-set rules to identify and block typical bot behaviors.

  • Web Application Firewalls (WAFs): WAFs, filtering HTTP traffic, often incorporate bot detection strategies to mitigate bot-related risks.

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs): Enforce access policies, selectively allowing or denying traffic, often based on bot characteristics.

  • In-House Measures: Use machine learning and behavioral analysis to uniquely address organizational bot detection needs.

The Benefits of Bot Detection Tools

  • Block bots that cause fraudulent transactions, such as stealing credit card numbers or making fake purchases, to prevent financial losses. 

  • Protect brand reputation by blocking bots that spread misinformation or spam, which can damage your business's reputation. 

  • Improve website performance by preventing bots that can consume many server resources.

  • Reduce security risks by blocking bots that launch denial-of-service attacks or other cyberattacks. 

Bot Detection Statistics

Key Features to Look For in a Bot Detection Tool

  • Real-time Detection: Opt for a tool with real-time analysis using technologies like machine learning.

  • Integration Capabilities: Ensure seamless integration with existing web and application infrastructure without disrupting operations.

  • AI and Machine Learning (ML): Choose a tool with AI and ML algorithms to adapt and learn from new attack patterns.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Select a tool that scales efficiently to handle traffic spikes and evolving threats.

  • Customization and Reporting: Look for customization options and detailed reporting features to tailor to your specific needs and compliance requirements.

10 Top Bot Detection Tools

1. open-appsec

open-appsec bot detection

open-appsec is an open-source security solution that provides ML-based threat protection for web apps & APIs. It is the only WAF that preemptively blocked Log4Shell, Text4Shell, Spring4Shell, and WAF bypass attacks.

Main features:

  • Prevents OWASP-Top-10 and zero-day threats automatically using the ML engine.

  • Continuous monitoring ensures your web applications are always protected.

  • Easy integration with Kubernetes, NGINX, GraphQL, HELM, and more.

  • Automatically stops and blocks malicious requests.

  • Protects against over 2,800 Web CVEs based on award-winning NSS-Certified IPS.

Best for: Protection against OWASP-Top-10 and zero-day attacks.

Pricing: open-appsec is a free tool.

2. Imperva Advanced Bot Detection

Imperva Advanced Bot Detection

Imperva Advanced Bot Detection is a cutting-edge bot detection tool with AI-powered algorithms. It offers robust protection against various automated threats, like credential stuffing, scraping, and DDoS attacks.

Main features:

  • Uses ML algorithms to analyze user behavior patterns, accurately distinguishing between legitimate users and malicious bots.

  • Provides real-time monitoring and detection of bot activities.

  • Offers customizable policies and controls according to specific business needs.

Best for: Deep analysis and understanding of user behavior patterns.

Price: By inquiry. 

3. Netacea Bot Detection

Netacea Bot Detection

Netacea offers advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis for effective protection against automated bot attacks.

Main features:

  • Continuously evolves its detection capabilities using machine learning.

  • Users can tailor detection and mitigation policies to meet specific security requirements.

  • Protects APIs from abuse and misuse by blocking bot attacks targeting API endpoints.

Best for: Protection across websites and APIs, ideal for e-commerce, financial institutions, and online gaming companies.

Price: By inquiry. 

4. AWS WAF Bot Control

AWS WAF Bot Control

AWS WAF Bot Control specializes in integrating with AWS environments to shield web applications from scrapers, crawlers, and other disruptive bots.

Main features:

  • ML algorithms accurately identify and classify bot traffic.

  • Provides options to block, allow, or rate-limit bot requests based on predefined rules or custom configurations.

  • Allows users to create tailored rules for fine-tuning bot detection and mitigation strategies.

  • Offers real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Best for: Defending web applications hosted on AWS.

Price: Pricing may vary based on the number of web requests, bot mitigation rules, and AWS region. You can optimize AWS WAF pricing to get more bang for your buck.

5. F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense focuses on scalable bot defense across distributed cloud environments. It uses AI techniques to secure web applications from complex automated attacks.

Main features:

  • Provides dynamic measures like CAPTCHA challenges, IP blocking, and session termination.

  • Offers a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring bot traffic and generating detailed reports.

  • Scales up with growing web traffic and evolving security needs, ensuring peak performance and protection.

  • Integrates smoothly with existing security infrastructure and platforms.

Best for: Large enterprises requiring scalable and distributed bot defense mechanisms.

Price: Four pricing options between $0 and £200.

6. AppTrana


AppTrana combines robust bot mitigation with a comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF), ideal for continuous web app threat protection.

Main features:

  • Detects and stops malicious bot traffic, ensuring web app integrity.

  • Real-time protection against common web threats like SQL injection and XSS.

  • Identifies and blocks abnormal behaviors.

  • Fits all sizes of websites and apps, from small blogs to large e-commerce platforms.

Best for: Small businesses, e.g. bloggers. 

Price: Offers three pricing packages: Advance ($99/month), Premium ($399/month), and Enterprise (custom).

7. Reblaze


Reblaze offers a cloud-based, fully customizable bot mitigation platform for real-time threat detection and tailored security configurations.

Main features:

  • Detects and counters bot activities instantly with real-time monitoring.

  • Customizable rules according to specific requirements.

  • Capable of handling varying web traffic levels and effectively thwarting bot attacks.

  • Detailed analytics on bot activities for optimizing security measures.

Best for: Organizations requiring customizable, cloud-based bot mitigation.

Price: By inquiry. 

8. Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Detection

Radware Bot Manager is a comprehensive solution with dynamic protection capabilities. It uses behavioral analysis to distinguish and combat bot activities.

Main features:

  • Uses advanced algorithms to identify and prevent various bot types in real time.

  • Analyzes user behavior to distinguish between genuine users and bots.

  • Customizes security measures to specific requirements and risk levels.

  • Centralized monitoring for instant insights into bot traffic and attacks.

  • Safeguards APIs against automated threats for backend security.

Best for: Ideal for businesses of all sizes that rely on online platforms to engage with customers, conduct transactions, and deliver digital services.

Price: By inquiry.

9. DataDome


DataDome offers a sophisticated AI-based solution, specialized in real-time detection and mitigation of bot threats, to protect websites and mobile apps against automated attacks.

Main features:

  • Real-time identification and blocking of malicious bots.

  • Continuous monitoring to differentiate between legitimate users and bots.

  • Comprehensive insights into bot traffic and attack patterns.

  • Safeguarding against attacks targeting web APIs.

  • Seamless integration with various web platforms and CDNs.

Best for: Businesses experiencing very high volumes of web traffic.

Price: Offers four pricing plans (Business, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus).

10. Cloudflare Bot Management

Cloudflare Bot Management

Cloudflare Bot Management uses advanced machine learning and real-time threat intelligence to detect and count automated bot attacks.

Main features:

  • Identifies and blocks malicious bots, including scraping bots, credential stuffing bots, and DDoS bots.

  • Custom rulesets based on specific business needs and threat profiles.

  • Improves website and application performance by reducing the impact of bot traffic on server resources and bandwidth consumption.

Best for: Websites and applications seeking to balance robust bot defense with maintaining optimal user experience.

Price: Offers four pricing options (Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise) based on usage and additional services included in the selected plan.


open-appsec is an open-source project that builds on machine learning to provide pre-emptive web app & API threat protection against OWASP-Top-10 and zero-day attacks. It simplifies maintenance as there is no threat signature upkeep and exception handling, like common in many WAF solutions.

To learn more about how open-appsec works, see this White Paper and the in-depth Video Tutorial. You can also experiment with deployment in the free Playground.


Experiment with open-appsec for Linux, Kubernetes or Kong using a free virtual lab

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